Surgical Societies

Your guide to trainee & student groups to get involved with!

ASIT - Association of Surgeons in Training

ASIT represent surgeons in training from all specialities. It is highly recommended for those of all levels to join given the excellent quality & value courses that they offer throughout the year as well as the annual conference which is a great opportunity to meet other trainees and present your academic work

Colorectal - Dukes' Club

Upper GI - AUGISt (Trainee branch of AUGIS)

Vascular - Rouleaux Club or contact our very own Dave Bosanquet for more info!

Breast - The Mammary Fold

Urology - SURG (Senior Urological Registrars Group)

Despite the slightly misleading group name SURG is open to all trainees with an eye on urological training.

Plastics - PLASTA

Orthopaedics - BOTA (British Orthopardic Trainees Association)

Orthopaedics - Welsh Bone

Welsh Orthopaedic trainees group

Created by Dafydd Loughran